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A Hat Shaped Like Your Head- odd to think about hm?

Updated: Oct 19


Early on, as a hatter, I decided I wanted to offer a superior product, products that would last and were made of premium materials.

Part of making a superior product when you handcraft your hats from a raw "fur capeline" is how "custom" you can really get with each order.

With my first few orders I only offered an on-site measuring service so that your hat was made to your exact head size.

I just didn't feel like I was really going the extra mile for my clients.

When I was taught millinery I was shown how to use a hat conformer, a genius device that maps not just the size but the shape of someone's head as well.

By taking this map and transferring it to paper I am able to cut and sand a piece of wood called a crown base.

Since this crown base is shaped like the client's head it's not a perfect oval or circle, by using steam and placing the crown base inside the hat I am able to encourage the stretched hat to conform to your exact head shape! Your hat has literally been made to fit only your head!

Your crown base is then labeled with your name and contact information and kept on hand should you place another order in the future!

So when you contemplate making an investment in a LWx handcrafted western, rodeo, or cowboy hat know that it's not just any hat shaped like a standard hat block like the ones you see in retail stores.

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