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What is a mobile hat bar and why is it the current "best thing" to book for your events?

We recently booked a trip to train with two great figures in the hat industry in Denver, CO this past March! We built upon our shaping skills and dove deep into the great mentorship of the Hat Masters program.

We spent three intense days learning from Parker (@HatsByParkerThomas) and Glen Orms (@TheCowLot) on how to best expand LWx and focus more on building partnerships with local businesses and eventually building enough clientele to open a storefront or become a permanent fixture in an existing business.

We returned from our trip with high hopes and new goals in mind! We are looking to partner with businesses in the Houston area and across the nation that are interested in hosting a pop-up with LWx. We are rolling out new inventory and hat options, and securing commercial grade equipment to handle large events and offer a quick turn around time when it comes to shaping!

Our mobile hat bar will be able to offer each client a truly tailored experience and a one of a kind hat. We take the time to measure each individual for their head size and shape so that we can advise them on the best size hat and mold the interior of that hat to their head shape for a "fits like a glove" feel.

Our hat bar offers dozens of options when it comes to hat bands, feathers to add, vintage pins, cowboy toothpicks, branding irons, bullet casings, playing cards, burn torches, tons of ribbons, rhinestone strands, thread with needles to stitch designs, and more!

LWx can shape hats anyway our client would like, whether it's a traditional western profile of a cattleman crown and shovel front brim or more modern shapes such as a fedora or heart shaped crown with a flat brim and pencil curl.

We love seeing the excitement on client's faces when we set up with all of our options and their guests are always thrilled at the opportunity to design a hat that has been fitted and shaped with great care. We feel like a custom hat is the ultimate party favor, gift, or entertainment any host can offer to their guests or patrons!

We find so much joy in helping our clients pick a hat they will be comfortable in and seeing their new found confidence in a creation that's all their own. Every hat tells a story, you always need more than one, and a hat takes up space in a room making individuals feel empowered.

So, what are you waiting for?! Reach out and let's book LWx for your next event or as a pop-up in your business.


Laura and Connor Willcox

Owners of LWx

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