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It's Felt Season Y'all, Here Are 5 Rules to Live By.

Updated: Oct 24, 2023


It's that time of year, even here in south Texas the temperatures are starting to cool off.

Across the western fashion industry once Labor Day passes it's time to put away your straw or palm hat and break out your felts. Then just like the fashion police and their "when to wear white" you're allowed to bring out your summer hats once more once Memorial day comes around in May.

Down here in Houston we like to say that the rule doesn't really apply here, speaking for myself, this is how you should make your decisions to wear a straw/palm hat or a felt one.

  1. Where you are going, will you likely be sweating or out in the sun? If yes, wear a palm of straw.

  2. Is the event a formal event or even black tie? If yes, put on your felt hat please.

  3. Is it officially past November 1st? If yes, it's felt season

  4. Is it officially March and you live in a warm climate? If yes, pull out your summer hat, but your decision is only valid if the weather permits.

  5. Is it the dead of winter and you want to wear a white or silverbelly felt hat? If yes, go rock that light colored felt, there are no rules on color!

women at rodeo in hats
Credit: Amber Seller (Gallagher)

On the subject of color I believe there are no rules, naturally some colors like maroons and deep tans look great in the fall, while black and grey hats give a nod to colder winter climates. But listen, if you bought for example, a turquoise custom rabbit felt from LWx feel free to wear it any time of the year outfit permitting, because if it matches your get-up then you have ever excuse to wear a "summer time" color in the fall or whenever you want!

On the other hand, as pictured here, sometimes that 78 degree weather allows for a brightly colored felt hat.

Just know, others will be judging your sanity by the hat you're wearing, good luck y'all!

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